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speciadanh mục /"speʃəlist/ danh từ chuyên gia, chuyên viên, nhà siêng khoaeye specialist: bác bỏ sĩ siêng khoa mắt
chăm giaauthorized application specialist: Chuyên Viên ứng dụng được phépchief specialist: Chuyên Viên trưởngcomputer specialist: Chuyên Viên trang bị tínhinformation specialist: chuyên gia tin họcLĩnh vực: y họcchăm viênmission specialisttrách nhiệm siêng biệtsiêng giaexperienced specialist: Chuyên Viên giàu gớm nghiệmsiêng viênkinh doanh specialist: chuyên viên tiếp thịđơn vị chăm mônspeciacác mục bloông xã purchase và sale: câu hỏi giao thương lượng to ở trong phòng chăm mônspeciadanh sách unit: đơn vị chức năng đơn vị chuyên mônspeciamenu marketthị trường bệnh khoán quánh chủngspeciadanh mục shopsiêu thị siêng doanh

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): special, speciacác mục, speciality, specialty, specialization, specialism, specialize, special, specialized, specially




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Từ điển Collocation

speciadanh mục noun

ADJ. leading, top a leading cancer specialist | qualified, trained | experienced | independent | academic | professional | technical | clinical, medical | industry, subject | hospital | cancer, ear, eye, heart, skin | finance/financial, marketing, property | tax | recruitment | communications, computer, software, systems | education

VERB + SPECIALIST bring in They brought in an outside specialist to install the computer system.

PREP. ~ in She is a speciacác mục in eighteenth-century English painting. | ~ on a speciadanh mục on the history of this city

PHRASES a group/team of specialists, a speciadanh sách in the field The book is written by Phường.H. Reaney, a noted speciadanh sách in the field. More information about DOCTOR
DOCTOR: practitioners be, practise as ~
He practises as a clinical psychologist.

have a dentist, doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist Do you have a family doctor?

need ~ She took good care of her teeth và never needed a dentist.

find ~ What"s the best way khổng lồ find a therapist?

consult, go khổng lồ, see, visit ~ I think you ought to lớn see a psychologist.

refer sb to ~ referring patients to a specialist

~ practise doctors who practise from home

~ examine sb/sth, see sb I had an ear, nose và throat speciadanh sách examine my sinuses. The doctor will see you now.

~ treat sb/sth He is being treated by the physiotherapist.

~ advise sb/sth The optician has advised that I wear tương tác lenses.

a dentist, doctor, psychiatrist, specialist prescribes (sb) sth The psychiatrist prescribed anti-depressants.

Từ điển WordNet


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Bloomberg Financial Glossary

专营经纪人专营经纪人On an exchange, the thành viên firm that is designated as the market maker (or dealer for a listed comtháng stock). Member of a stoông chồng exchange who maintains a "fair and orderly market" in one or more securities. Only one specialist can be designated for a given stock, but dealers may be specialists for several stocks. In contrast, there can be multiple market makers in the OTC market. Major functions include executing limit orders on behalf of other exchange members for a portion of the floor broker"s commission, and buying or selling for the specialist"s own tài khoản lớn counteract temporary imbalances in supply & dem& và thus prsự kiện wide swings in stoông chồng prices.

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Investopedia Financial Terms


A member of an exchange who acts as the market maker to facilitate thetrading of a given stoông xã. The specialist holds an inventory of the stochồng,poststhe bid và ask prices, manages limit orders và executestrades.Specialists arealso responsiblefor managinglargemovements by trading out of their own inventory. If there is a large shift in dem& on the buy or sell side, the speciamenu will step in and sell out of their inventory to lớn meet the dem& until the gap has been narrowed.
Investopedia Says:
There isusually one speciacác mục per stoông chồng whostands ready khổng lồ step inand buy or sell as many shares as needed toensure a fair & orderly market in that security.
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English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

specialistssyn.: medical speciacác mục specialiser specializer

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