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The balloons lifted it, then drifted into power lines, causing a 16-minute power outage across the city.
One downside lớn a widely connected grid is thus the possibility of cascading failure and widespread power outage.
The babysitter doesn"t come because her oto breaks down, there is a power outage, and the boy ends up being chased by his own reflection.
Some models use crank power, in addition to mains electricity và batteries in case of a power outage.
High winds & heavy rainfall affected the state, resulting in an islandwide power outage và destroying hundreds of houses.
More than 300 intercity passenger trains and commuter lines were shut down as a result of the power outage.
At the same time a hacker-induced power outage cuts communications leaving a journamenu and power officials scrambling to lớn find the cause.
These devices make possible a high degree of safety, since in event of a power outage they operate on batteries.

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Up to 650,000 homes and businesses lost electriđô thị, & local trains were also halted by the power outage.
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