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Free Steam keys have become very much popular. Today you even don’t need lớn buy CD’s and DVD’s to lớn download & run games on your computer. You need a steam key khổng lồ download games on your computer. In this guide, I will show you how to lớn get miễn phí steam keys Step by Step in 2021.

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It is just a matter of mạng internet and a few touches over that screen. But these free games became boring to lớn me và definitely had become boring for you lot as well. What was the solution? The thirsty soul needed an interesting, shocking, & different game that was to be bought online.

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What are Steam Keys?

When I say keys, I mean those few numbers & letters combine together which cost much for your leisure time & now has become không tính phí for you. You will become excited as much as I became when I heard that there are certain websites that give sầu không tính tiền steam keys to lớn the members.

What are the Top Steam Giveaway Websites?

The very first word which attracted your heed and as well mine was ‘Free’ & of course who doesn’t want entertainment for free?

But this article will give sầu you much more than just access khổng lồ some không tính phí steam keys. Just be with my words till the end of this article and conclude what made you read it.1.FREESTEAMKEYS:

* is one of the best FREE STEAM KEYS Website. This website is regularly updated. Games like Soul Calibur, HellCat, & Dirty Bomb Booster can welcome you in their world through this website.

It was rather a funny feeling for me khổng lồ see that all the games I wanted khổng lồ enter were being expired so, it must show how active are the không lấy phí steam key carvers.

You can visit the Website from this link:



This one is not a trang web but rather a subreddit of Reddit. It’s better than any other website. The best thing about this subreddit is you will be able to lớn find miễn phí games for nearly all the platforms not only the steam.

Most importantly that all you had to vì chưng was just a few clicks to lớn measure a few steps và a bundle of games to lớn make your life. If you are a solicitor like me, it was a great chance to win access lớn the world of games according to your choice.

You can get miễn phí games from this subreddit:


This subreddit is dedicated lớn Steam Games so you will only find miễn phí steam keys on this Subreddit.

You can visit this subreddit from here:

P.S: I personally use this one to fill up my Steam Library

Does It Always Work?

Well, I myself visited most of the websites in tìm kiếm of steam keys that can be purchased and as well the miễn phí ones. I came across many không lấy phí steam key websites which provided much amusement to lớn me.

Where to lớn get Free Steam Keys (Step-by-Step from

Time Needed :10 minutes

In this Step by Step Guide We will learn how lớn Get Free Steam Keys from Gleam Giveaways.


Go lớn Subreddit called Free Games on Steam

Choose any Game Which isn’t Strikethrough.

Choose the game which is still available


Do the actions mentioned in Giveaway

You will have sầu to lớn do all the actions mentioned in the Giveaway

Copy the Key from the Green Box

Now Copy the key from Green Box which is showing at the header of the giveaway

Redeem the Key in Steam

Now you can redeem the key in Steam or Give it to lớn your friend

Why do these websites giveaway không lấy phí steam keys?

As demonstrated above, the giveaways & some small clicks & filling different forms or even liking and subscribing are the clever traps that amusing designers use to lớn gain subscribers for their channels. And in return give sầu you an exciting time for không lấy phí. Fair enough…isn’t it?!

Tricky and dirty

I won’t Điện thoại tư vấn it a dirty game, so no offense. But the trichồng is that you must win in those giveaways which are impossible most of the time. But in return, they get their required views & likes from you. Its probability is almost 1/10 every time you play. It isn’t a dirty game you play for the không tính tiền steam keys, but a triông xã played on you!

Competitional games:

As told earlier, by my words, of course, there are certain small competitive games lượt thích spin the table or other ways for the users khổng lồ win a miễn phí steam wallet. Which most of the time don’t go out successful.

But if it gets fruitful, the long process of claiming the prize tires most of the users, in case of me as well, that they let go of their prize. So, the only means of the designer, which is a clever triông chồng, fulfills.

Speed Test Organized by GOG:

GOG organizes a speed thử nghiệm in order to measure the average downloading speed from the websites. The aim is lớn measure but in the over, the participants also get a chance of winning a không tính tiền steam key or không tính tiền game.

Golden Joysticks:

Not completely không tính tiền but a rewarded game from CVG (Computer & Video Games) in the ceremony of Golden Joysticks can be obtained by the participants. This is mainly sponsored by Green Man Gaming.

Here all the participants have sầu khổng lồ vote for the favorite games in different categories. This is being done once a year. So, don’t thua kém your chance by winning your favorite game for free.

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Sign Up:

As you may have experienced that you get the reward of different coins và lives in games for inviting your friends to lớn download that game, you can also win a không tính tiền steam key for your desired game in exchange for sign up you bởi for the website. It is also not completely không tính phí but an exchange of needs between amusement and money. Money in sense of subscribers.

Palm Greasing Offer:

You have often seen at deodorant’s store, giving không tính phí samples for their new product so that to gain users’ attention towards the product. And once the product gets fame in the market it is sold in a handsome amount. I bet you are much eager for such kind of miễn phí samples lượt thích me.

The same is the case in an artificial world, most of the game developers get the markets, and users’ attention by giving free trials and không lấy phí steam keys khổng lồ their new games launched. When a user gets the addict to lớn the game he will be consented lớn purchase the updated và new versions of the game.

A beautiful & mind attracting term “GreenLight” is used for this sale project.Social Activity Bribery:

Once you are indulged in bribery by the publishers for winning the không lấy phí steam keys, you will try this one as well. Most of the developers also give không lấy phí steam keys just for a limited time or I can better say a limited-time trial of the game for each lượt thích and subscribing on twitter and Facebook pages. Which in turn is beneficial for both sides.

Reviews’ Strength:

Writing website review can also bring you luck for the miễn phí steam keys or không tính phí games. Some of the trang web developers ask from the users khổng lồ write them Đánh Giá over their websites và in return offer them không tính tiền steam or game. This is done of course on a high traffic website of yours to lớn publish the nhận xét. And as well it can be a well-known magazine so that their visibility range becomes wider.

Digital Currency:

If you couldn’t get lucky in any of the above-mentioned ways, then you can earn a digital currency called Tremor coins by which you can get to your game crave sầu habit.

Works lượt thích watching videos, clicking the sites, registering on websites, fling out different surveys, downloading apps, & even playing spinning mini-games. Such work is not only fun but also have sầu a great reward in the form of miễn phí steam keys.


You may ask what is the difference between the above-mentioned methods and earning digital currency! Let me tell you there is a huge difference between them even the đầu vào & output are the same.

The difference occurs during the processing, the above sầu methods are completely on luông xã and as well your behavior with the clients while the other way is with 100% surety that you will get what you want in return for the work done by you.

The Great Trade of Games:

If it sounds lượt thích you have sầu to buy the games và vì chưng trade with it, it is not the case. But you will eventually understvà the true purpose of the title. If you apply the earning method, by a short span of time you will be the owner of what is called digital credit.

You can buy your game but in a low debit. The games which you can grab in a không tính phí mode can also be played? No, it is not for this purpose, but it can be traded. Free games can not be legally sold, but trading is not selling và thus it encouraged by different platforms such is in case of STEAM.

If you have sầu a game that you don’t want to use it anymore, You can trade that game. In return, you can ask for the game which you want. For this purpose, Steam has developed another platkhung for this purpose, Steam Trades or subreddits which work on the single idea of game trading. You can try it out!

Ask Me Anything platform:

Here is another platform which is called the AMA. It works with GOG & Desura which gives away different games from these websites for seeking people’s attention towards their questions và gets answers from their point of view.

This is done by sending a private message with the answer and getting a reply from the AMA team with the Steam key. In another way round, such kinds of messages and as well keys can also be found from documents and drives.

Ninja Turtle:

It is another trang web that giveaway Steam keys for free o various conditions. As you know, one can see various codes for games being dropped from some websites, referred lớn as code drops, because of being copied và pasted on the forums for others lớn have sầu a look at these.

Only those who win can get these codes first & would use them. Otherwise, people will make changes in these codes and most likely to create a puzzle of it so that others must work harder khổng lồ use it.

Usually, this is being done to make it harder for cyber ninjas, aka bots, from being activating these codes on the trương mục of the user. The ones who own the codes might ask for the interested ones khổng lồ liên hệ them privately and get the code so that it can be protected from the bots or others who wait for code drops on the forums.

Do Good, Have sầu Good:

Summing up, I have explained two different methods from which you can enjoy your leisure time. But most important is that the two methods have sầu the same input đầu vào which is to lớn help others so that you be helped. Either in the khung of luchồng competitions or earning platforms.

So, you can grab your keys for opening the chamber of secret games by at least subscribing to any two platforms of Steam keys for không lấy phí.