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a two-year/ten-month/six-week, etc. duration Most placements of agency IT staff are of a three-month or six-month duration.
On the other h&, they suggest which factors should not play a significant role in determining formation durations.
A second phonetic factor is the frequent lengthening of phrasefinal segments, which results in longer closure durations amuốn stops.
Studies of all durations were included first ; the analysis was then repeated using only studies of at least a year.
Conceptual models are presented, & case study treatment costs and durations are highlighted to aid environmental decision-making.
Musical time passes through a perspective made of volumes & durations that are continually changing against the background of an immemorial and intemporal pulsation.
Changes in speaking rate alter phonetically relevant properties of the speech signal, including formant center frequencies and formant transition durations.
Two analyses were performed on the verb-to-name durations between reduced và non-reduced utterances.
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Các từ thường được sử dụng với duration.

It might be the case that the agent-assigning role of by has a similar facilitating effect, the relatively brief duration of this morpheme notwithstanding.
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