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Co loading is a term used in export & import trade especially in the area of freight forwarding. What is teo loading? How does Co loading work? Is there any advantage in Co loading? What are the demerits in Co loading?

The term teo loading means transferring cargo by a freight forwarder khổng lồ another carrier either lớn a freight forwarder or consolidator. Co loading is a comtháng procedure in import export trade especially for less containerload – LCL - transactions. Under LCL shipments, some of freight forwarder co-load cargo to another freight forwarder final destination. The carrier who co-loads the cargo is called co-loader.

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Co-loading with more than two freight forwarders is not a good practice as the destination delivery order charges and the formalities makes shippers and consignees more complicated rather than monitory loss under destination delivery charges.

For example, if A accepts cargo from X và co-loads the cargo with B. B again transfer goods khổng lồ C a main carrier of goods. At destination port, Z who is the representative sầu of C delivers cargo khổng lồ Y who is the representative sầu of B at load port. At destination port, Z collects Delivery Order Charges from Y, Y collects Delivery Order Charges from X và in turn, X collects Delivery Order Charges from Y.

Is there any advantage in Co loading?

Freight under co loading could be cheaper, as some of the co-loaders have sầu competitive sầu freight rates to lớn various locations. The cost of carriage could be lower, if moved through a teo loader. However, such advantage has to lớn be balanced with the destination delivery charges and other inconvenience, if more than one teo loader involved. Also read What is consolidation of cargo What is LCL cargo less container load cargo Consol DO và liner DO

As per my opinion, co-loading of cargo with more than one freight forwarder is not suggestible in an LCL movement of goods under Imports & Exports.

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paulo roberkhổng lồ ribeiro: On trăng tròn June 2014 Air shipments can be done as co loading to Brasil ?thanks much for your help.
DJ: On 29 July 2015 I got a huge problem with my cargo khổng lồ Trung Quốc the agent i got here in the Phils told me they have sầu counterpart in China i asked the agent khổng lồ inquire any docs needed to lớn be prepare from the part of the consignee the agent told me no documents needed khổng lồ be prepared in chimãng cầu from the consignee part since broker will vị take care of the docs. the cargo will go transshipment via HK as the cargo is in HK i was informed there is huge problem with the documents turns out that the consignee need khổng lồ have sầu import license và 3"C for the commodity.And we dont have sầu any i know it fr the beginning as i file a complaint against the agent n forwarder i found out that they r a teo loader the reason they did not tell me because i might back out.Is this a fair treatment?I am a first timer shipper.They gave me option lớn pay i may pay here or i may pay there both ways are ok so i pay here they said port khổng lồ port.As we have sầu problems now they told me they dont have any liabilities anymore since the cargo is already is Đài Loan Trung Quốc but it cannot be release since no import permit no 3"C am i being treated fairly as a Client?On the 1st place they told me no documents needed và now there is problem they will tell me now non of their business anymore?As a client i have the right to lớn be informed properly but yet they hide it from me.This is unfair i hope this bình luận will give everybody a lesson.The Agent/Forwarding company should be transparent to their client sp when big money is involve.
Arjun M.: On 18 January 2019 Hey man, thanks for a thorough walkthrough.While reading the example, shouldn"t be the last element be A

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