Bug splat crash report pop up

Get detailed & actionable data on the bugs hiding in your code with crash reporting from donghocititime.com.

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Find, Diagnose, và fix crashes

Automatically collect complete data on production crashes at the time of the event. Information like a complete symbolic stachồng trace including function names and line numbers, runtime environment, and a user mô tả tìm kiếm help developers understvà the crash as well as efficiently find a fix.

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Improve sầu Your Application"s Stability

donghocititime.com provides developers with tools to understvà the health of their production software. See which defects are directly affecting your users the most. Get alerted as soon as any critical crash occurs.

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Spend Less Time on Support

Teams that switch lớn donghocititime.com spover drastically less time on tư vấn, freeing them up to work on building new features their users really care about.

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Loved by Developers

Powerful cross-platsize reporting that"s easy to lớn implement & simple lớn maintain

Bug tracking Workflow donghocititime.com works with your favorite tools to lớn make it easy lớn add detailed user crash data khổng lồ your support & development workflow. Create & assign defects based on real crash data to lớn your bug tracker. Get alerted to lớn potential problems via gmail or a messaging tool lượt thích Slaông chồng, Microsoft Teams, or Discord.

Simply Scaleable We help top development teams improve the stability of their applications on 250+ million applications around the globe. Each year we process hundreds of millions of crashes to lớn help our customers understand how to best tư vấn their software.

Security và Privacy We take security và privacy very seriously at donghocititime.com. We"re fully GDquảng cáo compliant và have sầu a rigorous security program to keep our users" information safe.

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Predictable Pricing Leave complex pricing structures behind. Always know what you"ll pay per month with our transparent pricing structure based on total crashes.

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Excellent Support We pride ourselves on giving the best possible support to lớn each và every one of our customers from the moment they create an tài khoản.